A Net Lease Properties sale leaseback makes your equity work for your business. A sale leaseback is when a business sells its commercial property for current market value and then instantly leases it back. They sell it to pull out their equity, then this frees up capital which can be used to invest back into the business. There are many other benefits to this transaction as well. A Sale Leaseback allows Owners to access 100% of their real estate value while maintaining long-term operational control by locking in a long term lease. Net Lease Properties sale leaseback transactions are desirable because they generate capital for immediate use for your Company.
Net Lease Properties sale leasebacks are popular with Investors due to the fact the Investment properties are known for generating steady returns with very little hands on management responsibilities especially with triple net leases. Normally many Sale Leasebacks are transactions with Credit Tenants. Sale leaseback transactions offer the original owner their freed-up capital and allows the investor appreciation on the commercial property with income from a long term tenant.

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